Unique design card case from Finland. It's time to lose the wallet, drop the cash, and get Thin King, tomorrow´s wallet. Thin King is classic yet modern design is clean and simple. Kind of like – oh, I don't know – Everything awesome! It matches anyone's style, from the hippest of hipsters to the grandest of grannies.

Cash is dead. Long live the king.


Thin King has been designed to hold credit cards, ID cards, or other similarly sized cards. Unique smooth grip method securely holds up to 6 cards at the same time, but it also functions just as well with only one.



Thin King card case representing Finnish design and Scandinavian fashion. Thin King goes anywhere - whether you are going out, from business to travelling, sport or enjoying your night out. Thin King fits your pocket, your wardrobe, and your budget better than a wallet.


It’s made of anodized aluminium, the same stuff used for airplanes. AIRPLANES! I bet your wallet isn’t made out of airplanes. We drove a big van over it without braking it nor the cards inside it.



Won’t harm you or your cards in any way. No more awkward moments at the till where you drop all your cards on the floor, but instead take them out nice and smooth. No Magnetics parts. Thin King blocks those nasty RFID scanners and Skimmers, so you cards are safe from skimming everywhere you go with Thin King.