User comments

The user comments gallery let´s you to read comments and feelings about the Thin King from its users. We hope this gallery will grow and these comments help us to develop our products.

Cash is dead. Long live the king.

“Thin King is the best ever! I have like 100 cards and it was extremely hard to find the one’s that I really use when in hurry at the cashier. Now I have those cards I need daily in my Thin King and it’s easy to find from my wallet and I don’t get those angry looks at the cashier anymore. The little fashionista in me loves the colour variation too. Waiting to get my hands on the new 6 cards-masterpiece!“

– Netta –

"Thin King is The Thing in our business. You can drive it over, fall into a pool, build a set in -20 ‘C and you can still find it working from the back of your jeans and pay for all the damages. Brilliant card case for film craft. I will stay true to my Thin King."

– Ingrid –

"Thin King is durable, practical and has cool features like anti-skimming, but the best part? I’d have to say that when flipping out my card from a golden, MONI branded Thin King in a bar in Belo Horizonte, the looks I got from the local ladies was purely… rewarding."

– Andy –

"This sleek and simple card case design had my curiosity from the very first time I saw it and its been a practical and loyal gadget that never leaves my side ever since I ordered my first one. I use different colours for different days fitting the mood I´m in or even match my outfit. I have it with me when I hit my work out at the crossfit box or just every day situations and my valuable cards are secure and fast at hand with out me needing a big wallet."

– Michi –

"I travel a lot and the chaos is a really known travel pal every now and then. I have walked without worries the Thin King in my pocket, because I know that my cards are always safe and easy to reach."

– Ozzmond –

"Thin King has been in my daily use years already. Cards are safe in Thin King nicely and I never leave home anymore without it."

– Kimmo –

"I find myself as a heavy user. I´ve been using Thin King for years. It´s great way to carry the cards safely, in addition it looks good and and works like no other card case. I´m travelling a lot and able to keep my essential cards in order like ID card, drivers licence and 2 credit cards. No more hassle with cash!"

– El Toro –

"ถ้าไม่มี ThinKing ผมก็ดำเนินชีวิตไม่ได้"

– Mikko –

"I just love my Thin King card cases! Yes, I have plenty of those shiny little wonders. They are practical, fit every pocket and even the smallest handbag and they fit all the cards I need - also, they are sooo pretty! What else can a girl ask for?"

– Anne –

"Coolest way EVER to carry your plastic money."

– Peke –

"No more receipt hell in old school wallet. I remember to leave all my personal receipts out and with my new company credit card, i don't even need receipts. All I need is a safe womb for it, Thin King."

– Jenni –