Created in Finland, Thin King is designed to carry up to six cards of credit card size such as a driving licence, bank cards, hotel key card, gym card, loyalty card, you name it. It has a clever, internal hidden grip system, which gives a real sense of quality and feels ultra-smooth when you insert a card. This system ensures your cards will never fall out, even when carrying just a single card.

Thin King is a trademark of Gordito Works Ltd.



Thin King has been designed to hold credit cards, ID cards, or other similarly sized cards. Unique smooth grip method securely holds up to 6 cards at the same time, but it also functions just as well with only one.



Thin King card case representing Finnish design and Scandinavian fashion. Thin King goes anywhere - whether you are going out, from business to travelling, or enjoying your favourite activity. Thin King fits your pocket, your wardrobe, and your budget better than a wallet.



It’s made of anodized aluminium, the same stuff used for airplanes. AIRPLANES! I bet your wallet isn’t made out of airplanes. We drove a big van over it without braking it nor the cards inside it.




Won’t harm you or your cards in any way. Cards won´t slip out accidentally. Try it. Just shake it! No Magnetics parts. Protects your cards from the nasty RFID scanners and Skimmers.